Mount Ijen Tour and watch the fantastic blue fire!

Mount ijen tour – East Java is indeed a paradise for recreation places that are very much visited by local and foreign tourists. One of the most fantastic tourist attractions and very many visitors is the ijen crater. This
Ijen crater tour does require a cost that is quite comparable to what makes us curious. In this Ijen crater you can find fascinating blue fire and can only be found when darkness is in the early hours. Well, this mountain tour package or ijen crater blue fire only requires a vacation time of only
Two days one night but it needs to stay because the trip to the summit of ijen takes approximately 2
or 3 hours for tracking and if you want to find blue fire it must be hours 12 nights to start the tour.

Rundown for those who take the Gunung Ijen tour package two days one night:
First day: pick up can be from Malang, Surabaya, Banyuwangi to Ijen crater tour
Pick up can be from stations, terminals or hotels by the team. Your journey Agara is more maximal, so it is expected to arrive in the morning at the agreed meeting point to go to the inn. After that, you will arrive at Ijen crater. You can enjoy the natural scenery of the mountains with cold and fresh air or take a walk to the coffee plantation if you stay in Blawan area or splash out. And when the night you have to take a break to prepare the power in the middle of the night towards the blue fire.
Second day: Tour Blue fire
The travel tour of Ijen crater starts at 00.30 WIB to go to Paltuding post. This post is the entrance to the climbing of Ijen crater. After reaching the access, you have to track with a duration of 2 or 3 Hours. Maybe if someone asks why the Mount Ijen Blue Fire Tour should start in the middle of the night because the team is chasing after dark time. Because that’s where the blue fire will appear and enchant all eyes to be amazed by the beauty because the location of the blue light is in the bottom of the crater. After seeing the blue fire, you will find sulfur mining activities here. Then you will return to the paltuding post for breakfast and drink warm coffee. Then the team is ready to take you to other tourist attractions that you want and already have an agreement and budget that has been paid.

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